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Where aerospace technology meets air bearing systems

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Non-Contact Ultra Precision Motion

Through recent technical advances, Air bearings offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings as well as create opportunity for a much broader range of applications. But OAV Air bearings offer more: integrated Air bearings, Aerospace materials and standardization of product and proven performance in the most demanding applications.

Our Round Design frictionless motion, Flat Round air bearings works on flat, nonporous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics We offer a variety of sizes which can easily be used to customize air bearing systems. 

Oav Air bearings have higher stiffness and excellent geometric performance. Oav Roller Air Bearings pre-loads both horizontal and vertical surface with opposing thin film pressure, this maintains the perfect gap ultimate tolerance. OAV Air Bearings surface design equally distributes the air and pre-load over a entire surface area; the result is outstanding stiffness and maximized performance.

Air Bearing design guide

The Outer Spin Rotary Air Bearing is yet another significant advancement produced by OAV Air Bearings. This innovative product is hard-installable and ultra precise with a fixed location, here to replace your conventional bearing, supply airlines through the shaft or inner ring.

Our Patent Pending OAV thrust Air Bearing is a breakthrough innovation in Air bearing technology. For the first time, an Air bearing is available that fully integrates and works on 3 way Frictionless surface. OAV Thrust air bearings configurations runs on standard size shafting fix or linear motion while maximize stiff motion and ultra precise with Aerospace quality Titanium.

x-spin roller air bearing
Thrust air bearing and thrst air bushing
flat rectangular air bearing

We offer a line of flat rectangular air bearing components designed to meet the non-contact requirements at low-cost while yielding high performance. OAV Flat Air Bearings are often used as a standard, off-the-shelf solution for providing axial constraint in rotary motion applications. Our standard product line is available in metric sizing as well as the custom sizing made to order upon request.

moular air bearing

Modular Air Bearing design, that subdivides motion system into smaller installable parts, OAV modular air bearing can be independently install and then used in different systems and different shape.

OAV Profile Rail Guides consists of the next generation Oav Air Bearing® and manufactured from Aircraft Quality light weight linear guides, Box Series, T-Series and U-series.  It is a complete offering of Air Bearing slides in a wide range of styles, sizes and unique features produced for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications

Oav Vacuum Pre-loaded Air Bearing are a combination of air pressure and vacuum, air bearings hold it down while simultaneously lifting from the surface.

OAV Air bearings provides its expertise for producing and mounting air-bearings according to customer drawings or our standard air bearing assembly stages. Our engineers support the customer in designing the bearing structures and in selecting the production technologies.

Our Patent Pending Oav thrust Air Bearing's another breakthrough innovation its latest High-Temperature Thrust Air Bearings. OAV High-Temperature Air Bearings for the temperature to the point where it becomes a problem.  Applications under exposure to extremely high  speeds, high ambient temperatures, and hot process  

Air bearing components

We offer, Aerospace Quality fittings, shafts, tubings, O-Rings, Blocks, Plates to complete your assembly. Ready to ship from our stock. We can also offer custom parts to meet your requirement.




3-Machine Tool Industries




7-Where accuracy, speeds, repeatability crucial



1-Rotory motion

2-Linear motion

3-High Speed applications

4-Clean requirement application

5-Precision positioning

6-Precision machine tool applications


1-Zero Friction-indefinite operating life

2-Contaminant free,clean environments

3-Zero friction -No heat generation at high speed

4-High accuracy components

5-High accuracy motion

6-High speed

7-Position accuracy better than 0.1 micron

8-Ultra-precise linear and rotary motion

9-Manufactured from Aircraft Quality material

OAV Air Bearings is the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced air bearing technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the most precise bearing system available spread over many existing and emerging markets around the world. Advanced technologies have led to major breakthroughs and have given way to new markets. These developments have increased the need for precision tools and equipment. We have combined our past experience with today's technologies and implemented military spec materials including aluminum, titanium, and graphite in producing our state of the art OAV Air Bearing products

OAV Air Bearings is trusted by the most prestigious institutions and labs around the world.