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Linear Air Bearing Guides

Contactless Ultra Precision

Local Straightness: .25 µ per 25 mm travel with a maximum error of 2 µ per 1000 mm travel​

Flatness: .0005 mm or .00002 in



10% OEM

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ISO 9001 Certified
AS 9100 Rev D Certified
EU-RoHS-and-REACH Compliance
Premium Quality - Made in USA

Precision OAV Air Bearings, Stages, Components, & Frictionless Motion Systems

Trusted by the world's most recognized institutions and labs.

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Technological advancements have allowed air bearings to offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings, as well as the opportunity to be used for a much broader range of applications. OAV Air Bushings are ideal for linear and rotary based applications.

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The tapered air bearing is one of the most widely used forms of roller air bearings. The OAV Tapered Roller Air Bearing consists of two main components - the inner assembly, and the outer-cage. It is typically mounted in opposing pairs on a shaft, with air supply coming through the shaft with a cross-hole or inlet from the outer-cage.


The OAV Roller Air Bearing preloads both horizontal and vertical surfaces with an opposing thin film of pressure. This maintains the perfect gap for ultimate tolerance. The surface design equally distributes air and preloads it over the entire surface area for outstanding stiffness and maximized performance.

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With the ability to spin outer rings at an incredible accuracy of .025 microns, the OAV Outer Spin Rotary Air Bearing is a breakthrough product that replaces conventional bearings. It is ultra-precise and hard-installable.

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For the first time, an air bearing is available that fully integrates and works on a three-way frictionless surface. OAV Thrust Air Bearings run on standard size shafting fix and maximizes stiff motion with precision.

OAVF40L80 Flat Air Bearing

We offer a line of flat rectangular air bearings designed to meet the non-contact requirements at low cost while yielding high performance. Often used as a standard, off-the-shelf solution for providing axial constraint in rotary motion applications. Available in metric and custom sizing made to order upon request.





4-Machine Tool Industries










1-Rotary Motion

2-Linear Motion

3-High Speed



6-Frictionless Motion

7-Machine Tools


1-Zero Friction

2-Contaminant Free

3-Infinite Operating Life

4-High Accuracy Components

6-High Speed 

7-Position Accuracy Better Than 0.1 Microns

8-Ultraprecise Linear/Rotary Motion

9-Made From Aircraft Quality Material

10-Higher stiffness


The OAV Modular Air Bearing design divides motion systems into smaller, installable parts. OAV Modular Air Bearings can be independently installed and used in different systems and different shapes.

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OAV Profile Rail Guides are the next generation of OAV Air Bearings. Consisting of the DOV series, Box Series, T-Series, and the U-Series, OAV Rail Guides offer ultra-linear precision. Made for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications.

Vacuum Preloaded OAV Frictionless Air Bearings

The OAV Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing uses a combination of air pressure and a vacuum for increased control over fly height and air gap stiffness.


OAV Non-Contact Static Web Rollers are used for applications that include the use of flexible materials while reducing contaminants and damage. Web tension, edge guiding, and more. Non-contact rollers replace the standard contact conveyor systems.

_flat round spotted_edited.png

OAV Flat Round Air Bearings work on flat, nonporous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics. We offer a variety of sizes which can easily be used to customize your air bearing systems. 

Temperature Controlled Thrust Air And Gas Bushings OAV

Our patent pending OAV Temperature Controlled Thrust Air Bushing line is the perfect solution for applications where certain temperatures become a problem due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Foil Air Bearing

OAV Aerodynamic Foil Air Bearings are suitable for many high-speed applications. The OAV Foil Air Bearings novel design focuses on eliminating the adverse effects of rotational speed, unbalanced eccentricity, and rotor mass on the non-linear response. 

epoxy bonde air bearing

Epoxy Bonded Air Bearings use a thin layer of epoxy to hold the air bearing to the desired surface. Epoxy air bearings offer higher stiffness, precision, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

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We offer aerospace quality fittings, shafts, tubings, o-rings, blocks, and plates to complete your assembly. We also offer custom parts to meet your requirements.

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OAV Air Bearings is trusted by the most prestigious institutions and labs around the world.

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