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Linear Guides

Contactless Ultra Precision

Local Straightness: .25 µ per 25 mm travel with a maximum error of 2 µ per 1000 mm travel​

Flatness: .0005 mm or .00002 in



10% OEM

Precision OAV Air Bearings, Stages, Components, & Frictionless Motion Systems

Trusted by the world's most recognized institutions and labs.

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AS 9100 Rev D Certified
Frictionless Air and Gas Bushings

Technological advancements have allowed air bearings to offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings, as well as the opportunity to be used for a much broader range of applications. OAV Air Bushings are ideal for linear and rotary based applications.

Frictionless Outer Spin Air Bearings

With the ability to spin outer rings at an incredible accuracy of .025 microns, the OAV Outer Spin Rotary Air Bearing is a breakthrough product that replaces conventional bearings. It is ultra-precise and hard-installable.

Modular Dividable Air Bearings OAV

The OAV Modular Air Bearing design divides motion systems into smaller, installable parts. OAV Modular Air Bearings can be independently installed and used in different systems and different shapes.

Flat Round Air And Gas Bearings air pod

OAV Flat Round Air Bearings work on flat, nonporous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics. We offer a variety of sizes which can easily be used to customize your air bearing systems. 

Frictionless Tapered Roller Air Bearings