OAV Profile Rail Guides consist of next generation OAV Air Bearings technology, and is manufactured using premium grade aircraft quality mateiral. OAV Air Bearing guides include the Box Series, T-Series , U-series, and the Dovetail Series. OAV Air Bearings offer a wide range of styles, sizes and unique features produced for easy retrofitting into both new and existing applications. Air Bearing Manufacturer

Standard OAV Air bearings guide tolerances

Local straightness: .25µm per 25mm travel with a maximum error of 2µm per 1000mm travel..

Flatness: .0005mm or .00002inc.

Part# DOV150150

Part# DOV150300

Part# BX4040

Part# BX5050

Part# US150150

Part# US150300

Part# TS7575

Air Bearing Guides

We provide designs that are integrated into your product and we can quickly develop a design based on the application or specific requirements. We provide detailed drawings and 3-D CAD models, can analysis complex issues associated with application from nanometer accuracy positioning to standard calculations.

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