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Custom Design And Manufacturing

We provide quality designs and craftsmanship to integrate into your products. Our engineers can quickly develop a design based on any type of application or requirement through detailed drawings and 3D CAD models. We analyze complex issues regarding applications using nanometer-level technology for ultimate precision and accuracy. Our 3D solid modeling system gives us the ability to ensure that our parts fit and function before even reaching the testing phase. To obtain accurate drawings for your design, we share files in formats such as dxf, dwg, sat, iges, and more. Moreover, we offer additional support through the use of technical documents, providing you with test results and information needed to fulfill any potential requirements. Our engineering staff is always readily available, and our expertise in the aerospace industry allows us to provide you with superior service.

 Air Bearing Manufacturer.

oav air bearirng machining

Fast Turn Around Time

Our experienced and skilled machinists run custom and OEM orders. Our flexibility allows us to fulfill multiple orders at once without sacrificing any quality. We ship our products exceptionally fast to anywhere in the world.

High Quality

We inspect all of our precisely-made parts after the initial manufacturing process, and before packaging. All inspections adhere to the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008, MIL-STD-105E acceptable quality level standard, ensuring that all customers recieve the highest quality product on all items with optimal performance.


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Basic design guide

Air bearings are a fascinating phenomenon developed in the technological world, and they tend to draw immense amounts of curiosity towards them. Due to their many significant benefits, air bearings are one of the best options to use for many different types of applications, ranging from machinery to aircrafts. The number of applications air bearings are used for is expected to grow exponentially over the next couple of decades as air bearing technology progresses and the world begins to rely more heavily on these types of precision.

The following charts compare different air bearing products with one another:

oav air bearing product check

*** (*) stands for rarely

Initial Design Considerations

Air Bearing Type: The first thing you will need to do is figure out which type of air bearing will work best with your application. Table 1 above is a good source to start with this step.

Tolerances: Air bearing products provide and rely on precision. The smoother and more precise the surfaces are, the better the performance will be. If the guide surface cannot be as smooth as desired, consider using a larger bearing and higher input pressure. It is important to design according to the tolerance requirements.

Guide Surfaces: Common guide surfaces include granite, hard-coated aluminum, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, and chromed steel.

Temperature: All standard air bearing products are works best at room temperature (70˚±30˚F). High temperature applications may require a custom-made air bearing, possibly with exotic materials, and may be a trial and error process.

Specifications and Size: To determine which size, look into the capabilities of the bearing and recommended/allowable size. It is always best to use one size larger than to use an air bearing that barely meets the performance requirements. A larger bearing will require less input pressure, have higher stiffness, and better damping properties.

Preloading: Preloading the bearings will lower the air film thickness and increase the stiffness. This results in a better functioning air bearing. Although air bushings are automatically preloaded, it is important to incorporate preloading in any design using flat air bearings. More information on preloading can be found in the "Flat Air Bearings Design and Installation Guide" section below.

Custom Air Bearings: Many applications are very specific and/or cannot fit a standard air bearing for assembly. Therefore, OAV provides a solution in which our engineering and manufacturing services are able to design and produce custom-made air bearings to determine the best possible solution for your assembly.

Once an air bearing type is determined, you may use the following information to design around the air bearings.

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