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0.312 Inch Frictionless Air Bushing

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0.312 Inch ID

Part Number 


Housing Material/ Finish

7075 Aircraft Quality Aluminum/Mil Spec Hard Anodize

Input Pressure

40 psi - 100 max psi

Porous Material


Pressure Port Threads

M3 x 0.5



Radial Load Max

4.4 lbs (19.4 N)

Radial Stiffness

0.039 lbs/μin (7 N/μm)

Pitch Moment Max

2.74 lbs-in (.28 N-m)

Bushing Inside Diameter (ID)

0.3125 in + .0002/-.0000

Bushing Outside Diameter (OD)

0.634 in + .005/-.000

Bushing Length

1.25 in

Bushing Weight

8.7 g

Recommended Shaft Outside Diameter (OD)

0.3125 in + .0000/-.0007 (g6)

Flow Rate

4.40 SCFH

Housing Bore Size O- Ring Method

0.661 in + .005/-.000

Housing Bore Size Light Press Fit Method

0.635 in + .000/-.001

Compatible con

Part #MBI0500

Aluminum Housing Blocks for imperial and metric frictionless air bushings. Made from aircraft quality aluminum and anodized with Mil spec. for ultimate quality.

Part #OAV0500SHAFT

Our standard shafts have a surface finish better than 16 RMS and .0007 tolerance.

Part #OAV0500RG

Meets MIL-R-83248C and ASTM D2000/SAE J200. Offers excellent resistance. Temperature range is

-15 °F to + 400 °F. A75 hardness and color is black.

Part #SEMi-OAV0500

Black anodized aluminum end support block is lightweight and strong for end mounting to support precision shafting. Imperial and metric sizes offered.

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