Every game-changer began as someone's idea. We here at OAV promote Innovation and entrepreneurship ideas inside and outside of our company. We encourage clients to seek us out for guidance and partnership on your project!

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We believe in promoting Innovation and entrepreneurial ideas both within OAV and in conjunction with our clients.  We encourage collaboration and are willing to partner with our clients to promote new ideas, new processes, and new products.  


Innovation is best served by collaboration.  Innovation is a process that involves multiple exercises in the attempt to develop and design new systems and products to better accomplish a given task.


Markets are primarily responsive to profitability and quality.  Innovation is essential to one’s ability to remain on the multi dimensional cutting edge: in relation to cost containment (and profitability); in regards to quality (a better mousetrap must be designed to outperform the old one); in terms of productivity (responding to the need to increase production and decrease the time required without sacrificing quality); and enhancing durability (so as to maintain quality over time thereby reducing replacement, reducing down time, and reducing associated labor costs.)


OAV is committed to developing human and technological resources to do things differently in order to Increase productivity.


For a business or an organization to develop a competitive advantage, it must be able to adapt to changing trends and new technologies.  One can develop an advantage through new technology, improving quality, enhancing durability or reducing costs.  Ideally innovation fosters improvements in all dimensions.


Example of Industries that using OAV Air bearings to disruptive Innovation


  1. Metrology

  2. Automotive Industry

  3. Optomechanics

  4. Semiconductor Industry

  5. Aerospace Industry

  6. Energy Industry

  7. Medical Industry

  8. Audio Industry


With those explanations in hand, the theory of disruptive innovation went beyond

simple correlation to a philosophy of causation as well. The critical components of

that have been tested and validated through many industries.

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