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OAV Air Bearings and Frictionless Motion Systems 

OAV exhibits a fusion of remarkable design and superior-quality craftsmanship. Our ultra-precise, frictionless products reflect our commitment to innovation and exceptional standards. We place emphasis on deciphering the unique engineering challenges of our customers to deliver the best solutions tailored to every specific application for ultimate success.

OAV Air Bearings is trusted by the most prestigious institutions and labs around the world.

OAV Manufacturing Technology

"Supplying top-quality products requires excellent engineering, clever design, and outstanding manufacturing technology. Thus, we have developed competitive advantages by having them all available, and we are committed to developing human and technological resources to do things differently to increase productivity. We support manufacturers with vital motion systems, developed winning models, advocated for next-generation motion systems, and built dynamic ecosystems to sustain new concepts and solutions that contribute to your products' overall growth"

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