Part# OAVTB60i20W

OAV High-Temperature Air Bearings for the temperature to the point where it becomes a problem.  Applications under exposure to extremely high  speeds, high ambient temperatures, and hot process  use High-Temperature Air Bearings using ether liquid or cool air


  • Title Specification
    Size 20mm ID
    Part Number OAVTB60i20W
    Housing Material/Finish OAV Confidential
    Input Pressure 40 psi - 100 max psi
    Porous Material Carbon
    Pressure Port Threads M3 X 0.5
    Lifetime infinite
    Radial Load Capacity 54.9 lbs (240.2 N)
    Thrust Load Capacity 84 lbs (373.7 N)
    Radial Stiffness 0.13 lbs/μ in (23 N/μ m)
    Pitch Moment Max 10 lbs-in (1.1 N-m)
    Bushing Inside Diameter (ID) 20mm
    Bushing Outside Diameter (OD) 60mm
    Bushing Length 79.2mm
    Bushing Weight 435 g
    Recommended Shaft Outside Diameter 20mm - .02mm
    Cooling Type Liquid or Cool Air flow
    Cooling Flow rate 52.3 SCFH
    Temperature TBDBA
    Flow Rate 15.6 SCFH (7.4 NLPM)
  • Compatible With

      shaft   o-ring o-ring

    Housing Part# MBi1500

    High Temperature Shaft


    High Temperature O-rings

    High Temperature Face collar