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60x20 mm 3 way Frictionless Temperature controlled Thrust Air Bushings

Three-way frictionless temperature controlled thrust air bushing

Compatible with

Aluminum Housing

       Part #MBI1500

Aluminum housing blocks available in imperial or metric sizes. Made from aerospace quality aluminum and anodized with Mil spec. for ultimate quality.

Stainless steel shafts


Our standard shafts have a surface finish better than 16 RMS and .0007 tolerance.

Resistant O-Rings

    Part #OAV1500RG

The O-Rings meet MIL-R-83248C and ASTM D2000/SAE J200. They offer excellent resistance to temperature ranges from -15°F to +400°F. A75 hardness. Color is black.

Precision Face Collars

        Part #C20TB1

Face collars are an option for one or each face and prevents the shaft or bushing from moving side to side.

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