Our patent pending OAV Thrust Air Bearing line has another breakthrough innovation - High-Temperature Thrust Air Bearings. This line of product is made for applications under exposure to extremely high speeds, ambient temperatures, and very hot processes. The material type, fluid and airflow allow for operation under these extreme environmental conditions without the need to sacrifice precision or quality. OAV Thrust Air Bearings preload both horizontal and vertical surfaces with opposing thin films of pressure, maintaining the perfect gap for ultimate tolerance. The OAV Air Bearings surface design equally distributes and pre-loads air over the entire surface area, resulting in outstanding levels of stiffness and maximized performance.

Part #OAVTB60i20W

60mm ODx20 mm ID Thrust Air Bushings 3 way Frictionless 0.41 Mpa (60 psi)

Part# OAVTB100i50W

100mm ODx50 mm ID Thrust Air Bushings 3 way Frictionless 0.41 Mpa (60 psi)

Temperature Controlled Thrust Air Bushing

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