x-Spin Rotary Air Bearing

NEW patent pending OAV X-Spin Roller Air Bearing is here to replace conventional bearings with improvements and efficiency that is unmatched.


The Outer Spin Rotary Air Bearing provides the ability to spin outer rings with an incredible accuracy of TIR± 1 millionths inches (.025 microns) while maintaining zero friction and contact, zero maintenance, no generation of thermal energy at high speeds, and a limitless operating life. This ultra-precise, hard-installable innovation is here to replace conventional bearings with unmatched improvements and efficiency. OAV Air Bearings offers products that have significantly higher levels of stiffness with superb geometric performance. The OAV External Spin Rotary Air Bearing preloads both the horizontal and vertical surface with an opposing thin film of pressure, maintaining the perfect gap and optimal levels of tolerance. The OAV Air Bearings surface design equally distributes the air and preloads it over an entire surface area, resulting in outstanding stiffness as well as maximized performance levels.



75mm ID Frictionless OAV ® X-Roller Air Bearing Ultra Precision, Hard install, Fixed location Rotary air Bearing


X-Spin Roller Air Bearings

We provide designs that are integrated into your product and we can quickly develop a design based on the application or specific requirements. We provide detailed drawings and 3-D CAD models, can analysis complex issues associated with application from nanometer accuracy positioning to standard calculations.