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Filtering System

Clamp On Shaft Precision Face Collars

1-Activated carbon filters
2-Ports with interchangeable cartridges: threaded (1/8, 1/4, 3/8) or integrated with super-rapid fitting for tube with Ø 6, 8, and 10 mm
3-Coalescing filters with visual indicator
5-Pressure Gage


Buchsen Face Collar

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Bushings Face Collar
Bushings Face Collar

Bushings Face Collar

For the first time, an air bearing is available that fully integrates and works on a three-way frictionless surface. Face collars are an option for one or each face and prevents the shaft or bushing from moving from side to side. Flat Precision Face Collars are used in conjunction with the OAV Thrust Air Bushings.

Recomended AIR Quality

Zwischen ISO 8573.1 Qualitätsklassen 3 und 4. Mindestempfehlung: Schmutzpartikelgröße bei 15 Mikron, Taupunkt bei 37 ° F, Öl- / Dampfgehalt bei 5 mg pro Kubikmeter Funktioniert am besten: Schmutzpartikelgröße bei 5 Mikron, Taupunkt bei -4 Grad F, Öl / Dampf-Gehalt bei 1 mg pro Kubikmeter.

Air Filtering System Diagram
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