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OAV Aerostatic Air Bearings

        • Semiconductor Manufacturing
        • Used in wafer processing equipment for high precision and cleanliness.
        • Aerospace
        • Employed in satellite positioning systems and in the assembly and testing of aerospace components.
        • Automotive
        • Utilized in the testing and calibration of automotive components where precision is crucial.
        • Machine Tool
        • Applied in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools for high precision machining operations.
        • Medical Equipment
        • Used in medical imaging equipment like MRI machines and CT scanners for precise and smooth movement.
        • Metrology
        • Critical in coordinate measuring machines and laser trackers for accurate measurements.

        • Precision Machine Tools
        • Flat Panel Display Manufacturing
        • High-Speed Automation
        • Optical Systems
        • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing
        • Research and Development

OAV Aerodynamic Air Bearings

        • Power Generation
        • Used in turbines and generators for high-speed and low-maintenance operation.
        • Oil and Gas
        • Employed in compressors and expanders in gas handling and processing where reliability in harsh environments is critical.
        • High-Speed Spindles
        • Utilized in high-speed drilling and grinding applications in various manufacturing processes.
        • HVAC
        • Integrated into high-speed fans and blowers in HVAC systems for efficient air handling.
        • Automotive
        • Used in turbochargers and high-speed test equipment for engines and other automotive components.

        1. Turbo Machinery
        2. Gas Turbines
        3. Cryogenic Coolers
        4. Vacuum Pumps
        5. High-Speed Dental Tools
        6. Centrifugal Compressors

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