OAV Aerodynamic Foil Bearings

And combinations with OAV aerostatic bearing.

The development of foil bearings began in the early 1970s to provide rotational guidance of gas turbine shafts. 

Foil bearing, also known as a foil-air bearing, is a type of air bearing a surface is supported by a compliant, spring-loaded foil journal lining. Once the surface is spinning fast enough, the air pushes the foil away from the surface so that no contact and no wear occurs. The surface and foil are separated by the air's high pressure, generated by the rotation that pulls gas into the bearing via viscosity effects. 

OAV foil bearings can operate under the most demanding system without requiring external supply.

OAV's novel design, "OAV aerodynamic and aerostatic air bearing combination." 

The purpose of this novel design is OAV focuses on eliminating adverse effects of rotational speed, unbalance eccentricity, and rotor mass on the non-linear response. We use a combined approach that treats air and structure as two computation areas to solve common issues, reach higher load capacity, better damping effect, start-up, and stopping concerns at foil air bearings. 


OAV foil bearings are suitable for many high-speed applications.
  • Turbomachinery

  • Aircraft 

  • Microturbine generators

  • High-speed

  • and many others

  • Higher efficiency,

  • Increased reliability

  • Higher speed capability

  • Quieter operation

  • Wider operating temperature range 

  • High vibration and shock load capacity

  • No scheduled maintenance

  • Oil free 

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