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Tapered Air Bearing Design And Installation Guide

The basic method to mount the OAV Tapered Air Bearing is to light press fit both the OD and ID. If more than one bearing is used, a spacer may be inserted to secure the overall fit. It is crucial to avoid misaligning the bearings.

Typical Configurations

The Tapered Air Bearings are light-press fitted. The housing block holds the tapered air bearing. If a customer-designed housing block is used, please contact OAV for the bore size recommendation.

The OAV Tapered Air Bearing consists of two main components - the inner assembly and the outer cage. They are typically mounted in opposing pairs on a shaft. The air supply is sent through the shaft with a cross-hole or inlet from the outer cage.

The gap between the two components is negligible. The recommended gap is 4-5 microns. To achieve this gap during installation, the two main components will be placed up against the frictionless surface of the tapered air bearing. Once the air supply is turned on, a small gap will be created. During installation apply 30 PSI air pressure to make sure the entire assembly is moving freely by hand, and the desired gap is created.

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