Our products blend outstanding design with superior quality workmanship. They exemplify our dedication to innovative technology and excellence. We are focused on understanding our customer engineering problems and striving to find solutions tailored to each individual application in finding ultimate success.

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OAV air bushing is  components run on standard precision steel shafts, and are available in Metric or English sizes.


Oav Thrust air bearings configurations runs on standars size shafting for fixed or linear motion while maximizing rotational motion


use of air pressure and vacuum, allowing for the air bearing to be held down while simultaneously being lifting from surface.

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This line of product is made for applications under exposure to extremely high speeds, ambient temperatures, and hot processes.

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OAV focuses on eliminating adverse effects of rotational speed, unbalance eccentricity, and rotor mass on the non-linear response.


The OAV Tapered Air Bearing consists of two main components: the inner assembly, and the outer-cage.


Flat Round Air Bearings work on level, non-porous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics. 

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OAV modular air bearing can be independently installed and then used in different systems and different shapes.


with profile design for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications.


We offer aerospace quality Mounting components fittings, shafts, tubings, o-rings, blocks, plates, filters, and more...


OAV Roller Air bearings pre-loads both horizontal and vertical surface. Have higher stiffness , excellent geometric performance.


We offer a line of flat rectangular air bearing components designed to meet the non-contact requirements 

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OAV Profile Rail Guides consist of next generation and is manufactured using premium grade aircraft quality material. 

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The Contactless roll-to-roll technique typically consists of several rollers,  winds the substrate material over and through these rollers