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Our team is made up of innovators with a progressive outlook. We’re a group of high tech-savvy professionals with a passion for technology. We have an eager team that is ready to solve problems and provide unmatched, quality products to our partners. 

OAV is the leading manufacturer of precision frictionless motion systems and components to serve multiple industries—our company headquarters is located in Princeton, NJ, USA. Our experienced, highly skilled employees run custom and OEM orders using state of the art equipment and inspection systems. Our commitment to the highest quality standards, not only for our products but also to our organizational processes, is reflected by our integrated management system. Our strategy and quality management system promotes continuous quality improvement, while metrics quantify measurable results. 

Our products blend outstanding design with superior quality workmanship. They exemplify our dedication to innovative technology and excellence.


Open Positions
  • Mechanical Mechatronics Application Engineer

  • CNC Machinist

  • Product Marketing Manager

  • Assembly and Test Technician - Air Bearing Systems

  • Machine Shop Help

  • Software Developer

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