Roller Bearing Design and Installation Guide

The basic methods to mount the linear Roller Air Bearing is to transition fit both externally and internally. For external mounting, there are air grooves on the exterior surface of the bearing. These grooves accommodate air flow. If more than one bearing is used, a spacer may be inserted to secure the overall fit. Another means of installation is to coat the bearing with an adhesive (carefully covering the bearing OD) and insert it into the mount, or inject epoxy through the holes in the housing. Air Bearing Manufacturer.


It is crucial to avoid misaligning the bearings in the seats, and that the mounting loads are never applied through the side plate of the bearing. As shown below, the force should be applied to the face of the bearing itself (the middle component).


Design With Roller Air Bearings

Typical configurations: The Roller Air Bearings are lightly press-fitted into position on the shaft. A housing can be used to hold the roller air bearing. If a customer-designed housing is used, contact OAV for the bore size recommendation.
The roller bearing consists of the frictionless bearing and face collars all in one part. Therefore, the length of the bearing will be the length of the bearing system. Aside from this, the Roller Air Bearings have the same design guidelines as the Thrust Air Bushings.