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Roller Bearing Design and Installation Guide

The basic method to mount the OAV Roller Air Bearing is to transition fit both the OD and ID. If more than one bearing is used, a spacer may be inserted to secure the overall fit. Another means of installation is the injection method. Use an epoxy injection nozzle inserted in the housing epoxy port to inject after the bearing is installed in the housing for a permanent and secure installation.

Roller air bearing design guide diagram

It is crucial to avoid misaligning the bearings in the seats, and that the mounting loads are never applied through the side plate of the bearing. As shown below, the force should be applied to the face of the bearing itself (the middle component).

oav roller air bearing application fit type shaft diameter metrifc tolerance data table
roller_in_1 (1).webp

Typical Configurations And Design

Roller Air Bearings are light press-fitted into position on the shaft. A housing can be used to hold the roller air bearing. If a customer-designed housing is used, contact OAV for the bore size recommendation.

The roller bearing consists of the frictionless bearing and face collars all in one part. Therefore, the length of the bearing will be the length of the bearing system. The Roller Air Bearings have the same design guidelines as the Thrust Air Bushings.

roller air bearing configuration and design

Installing Into OAV Standard Housing Block

To mount the OAV Roller Air Bearing with its standard OAV housing, prepare the mounting surface by cleaning it free of debris and ensuring the surface is level and flat. Start by attaching the bottom piece housing, then carefully lower the bearing into the housing. Ensure proper alignment and fit. Add the top piece of the housing and press fit onto the roller air bearing to clip it to its bottom piece.  Make sure the thread port of the roller air bearing is aligned with the top housing piece. Add the screws and create your final adjustments by securely fastening the housing.​ Be sure not to overtighten the screws, as it can affect alignment. Perform a functionality test and ensure proper alignments.

Roller Exploded view.png

Figure 1. Graphical process depiction of OAV Roller Air Bearing mounted into its OAV Standard Roller Air Bearing Housing with thread port aligned with housing air hose entrance. Once top and bottom components are clicked, screw in to adjust as needed.

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