Modular Air Bearings

OAV Modular Air Bearing design that subdivides motion system into smaller install-able parts. OAV modular air bearing can be independently installed and then used in different systems and different shapes. OAV modular air bearing make use of industry standards for interfaces. Air Bearing Manufacturer

Our Modular air bearing offers many benefits such as the reduction in cost, shorter installation time, flexibility in design, augmentation, and exclusion. It is a complete offering of Air Bearing produced with the design for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications for ultimate accuracy positioning.

OAV air bearing generates evenly distributed gas film between surface and the substrate, because of low gas viscosity, friction losses by viscous shearing; therefore, any mechanical contact is avoided. Modular air bearing manufactured from Aircraft Quality lightweight Material, Ultra-precise linear straightness and flatness vibration-free, maintenance-free motion. Ready to install.


Modular Air Bearings

We provide designs that are integrated into your product and we can quickly develop a design based on the application or specific requirements. We provide detailed drawings and 3-D CAD models, can analysis complex issues associated with application from nanometer accuracy positioning to standard calculations.

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