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Open Cosmos Satellite Simulation Using OAV Air Bearing


Open Cosmos

How Free Motion State Orbit Simulation Is 

Achieved Through OAV Air Bearings for Satellites in Space

Exceptional feats are forged from the very fundamental roots of an objective. Continual improvement of those roots will lay way to tremendous accomplishments and advancements. At OAV Air Bearings, we emphasize that a strong foundation is the essence of growth. The frictionless and precision capabilities of OAV Air Bearings allows for the growth of incredibly unique and monumental endeavors. Celestial activities are one such example.

Satellite communication and earth observation impacts life in a multitude of ways. From communications to research and data, satellites are a critical component to what we know and utilize today. Through the use of cubesats, Open Cosmos specializes in critical satellite communication and observation. Cubesats are miniature satellites, based around a size configuration between 10 cm and 30 cm, in the form of a square that are launched into orbit by deployers. These nanosatellites are responsible for collecting a wide range of data, from global disasters, to scientific research studies, to energy and resources, to communication and logistics. 

The assembly and test team at Open Cosmos produces and tests these devices to fulfill their objectives. Through the use of the novel OAV Roller Air Bearing, the team is able to successfully simulate satellites in a free motion state orbit and test the attitude control system. The air bearing is placed on a stand, and the spacecraft onto the air bearing. By providing frictionless motion around one axis, the air bearing allows the team to test the attitude control system one axis after another. From the grounds of earth, Open Cosmos is able to recreate a virtually frictionless and microgravity environment for celestial based research with the OAV Air Bearing. 

Prior to using OAV Air Bearing products, the team gathered this data through simulation calculations and analyses. A primary challenge during this period was the uncertainty in how accurate the simulations and calculations truly were. Through the use of the air bearing, the team is able to now physically simulate such scenarios to confirm their calculations for complete accuracy generation.



Image* Open Cosmos SatCubes Space Infrastructure


This material is based on work supported by Open Cosmos LTD.

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