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Air bearing bars

Frictionless Air Bearing Bars

The OAV Air Bearing Bar is produced with profile design for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications. It generates an evenly distributed film of gas between the surface and the substrate. Because of low gas viscosity, friction losses by viscous shearing lead to the avoidance of mechanical contact. The combination of air pressure and vacuum allow the bearing bar to hold the substrate down while simultaneously lifting it from surface for ultimate precision and fly height. The fly height range of 20 to 120 μm maintains a stability of ±5 μm.

60mm x 57mm X 1250mm Frictionless OAV Air Bearing Bar

Part #OAVCB6060

60 mm x 57 mm x 1250 mm Frictionless Air Bearing Bar. Manufactured with aerospace quality aluminum.

OAVF100L100 100 mm x 1000 mm length flat rectangular frictionless air bearing

Part #OAVF100L1000

100 mm x 1000 mm Flat Rectangular Air Bearing. High load capacity for linear applications. Manufactured with aerospace quality material.

Custom OAV Product Design And Assembly


We provide designs that are integrated into your product and we can quickly develop a design based on the application or specific requirements. We provide detailed drawings and 3-D CAD models, can analysis complex issues associated with application from nanometer accuracy positioning to standard calculations.

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