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OAV Air Bearings Contributes to Research and Innovation of Universities Globally

Among the many benefits of air bearings is its continuous use for research conducted by universities around the world by both students and professors alike. Each year, OAV provides financial support and assistance to R&D labs and universities around the globe to fund their research, accomodate their budgets, and improve humanitarian technology. 

University research done in collaboration with OAV has spanned a wide range of experiments, from harvesting efficient energy, conducting tribometer testing, analyses of quantum physics, space exploration, and many more. OAV takes pride in working with academic institutions to better the advancement of humanity starting from our future generations. The success stories from these experiments by students and professors motivates the OAV team to strive to become greater everyday. One of our notable testimonials comes from a team of students conducting wave energy research, which has been a sector trying to be commercialized for a long time but was stagnant due to a lack of data. By collaborating with OAV, the team was able to successfully gather a significant amount of numerical testing data to take on the next stage of advancement for efficient wave energy harvesting.

Many students may not have an adequate budget for conducting projects, whether it be for research, lab testing, or equipment. By offering monetary support as well as donations, samples, live support, and advice, OAV eliminates this issue. The sole reason for technological research and advancements provided the OAV team with incentive to support the students who were on tight budgets and a time crunch.

In the long-term, OAV plans to collaborate with even more universities and research institutions around the world. Additionally, OAV plans to increase funding and explore newer areas of research. As the popularity of OAV continues to spread and grow, more institutions are becoming aware of the need for OAV disruptive technology, paving the way for collaboration. By being able to reach all corners of the globe at an expanding rate, OAV has established a global impact on research and innovation.

OAV Air Bearings

OAV Support Team

Princeton NJ USA

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